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FEsource are experienced in the design and manufacture of a number of products across multiple product categories.

Products developed by our staff have enjoyed commercial success and won multiple awards including Sound + Image Awards, an Australian International Design Award and a Vision Australia Making a Difference Award.




Any idea, no matter how big or small can be nurtured by FEsource to become a reality.

FEsource has developed world first products across multiple product categories. 

Design and Manufacture


FEsource can take your concept, provide you with design options and then help you find a suitable manufacturer.

FEsource has worked with both European and Australian designers to enable us to provide you with a product design that meets your requirements.

We choose only the best quality and cost effective manufacturers to ensure that you are happy with the end product.



Once manufacturing is completed, FEsource can assist with inspection, shipment and warehousing to get your product on the shelf as soon as possible.


FEsource also help with point of sale and other marketing initiatives to ensure that your product sells through.

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